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Liquidity Services

With two decades of expertise in brokerage services, ATG Capital acknowledges the pivotal role of liquidity in financial markets. The company provides liquidity services through its market maker business, playing a crucial role in optimizing the trading environment for investors. The market maker business ensures efficient market liquidity, facilitating smoother and more timely transaction execution. This service is designed to enhance the overall trading experience for investors in both private and public market sectors.

Through active participation in the market maker business, ATG Capital offers customers a robust liquidity pool, minimizing transaction costs, reducing the impact of market fluctuations, and providing a responsive trading platform to meet the evolving needs of investors in dynamic financial markets. Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to tap into our liquidity source, technology and resources while trading on your preferred platform.

ATG Capital offers a world class trading facility, providing enhanced liquidity and highly efficient trading opportunities to institutional clients globally, aggregation of multiple liquidity providers ensures the best possible price for that particular size at any given moment. This provides easy top-down view on market depth and facilitates big order clearing. As part of our Prime of Prime (PoP) offering, we continually maintain the relationship between leading commercial banks and our esteemed clients. This enables us to provide connectivity and clearing services, as well as liquidity solutions that greatly increase trade assurance and efficiency.

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